Following the current Government Guidelines, we plan to re open on 4th July 2020 following the Coronavirus pandemic but this is still in the balance if we get another outbreak!

So we already had alcohol hand sanitiser in the hall way and our property is cleaned from top to bottom daily!

We will also where possible have 1 to 2 days room rest after guests have departed to deep clean them before your stay.

We shall do a split breakfast service at 8.30am and 9.30am, so guests can keep to social distancing.

We will then use the main entrance to the dining room as a ‘IN’ entrance and then the door under the stairway as the ‘OUT’ entrance.

We ask all guests to bring their own masks etc but we will have disposal gloves if you require them on request.

If we can do anything else to make your stay safe with us, just ask?

Look forward to seeing you this year!


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