In addition to our normal trading Terms & Conditions we have implemented the following covering Covid Restrictions/Tier Systems.

Bookings taken during lockdown or after for dates commencing 17th May 2021 will require a deposit of 25% of your overall accommodation costs (plus any ferry booking cost).

We take the view that you are booking your holiday during lockdown, in full knowledge that Hospitality will be open for business, therefore our normal T & C’s apply, so this will be a Non-Refundable Deposit.

Any cancellations made during any period that we are open for business then deposits will be retained and any cancellation costs as per our normal Terms & Conditions will apply, i.e., 60% if cancelled 5-7 weeks of commencement.

Any payment of holiday balance will be due as per our normal terms & conditions of 4 weeks prior to arrival date.

Any cancellation of ferry travel refunds is dependent of the Ferry Company’s Terms & Conditions, this is currently usually 100% if booked via us on our Trade Account.

However, should the unfortunate occur and we are again forced into National Lockdown and closure of business which covers the dates of your booked holiday with us, we will offer you a 12-month window in which to amend your dates and any deposit paid will be carried over to your next stay or your money back.

Cancellations that carry full costs:

You decide you do not feel safe to travel due to COVID-19 but we are still officially open.

Non critical Illness or Hospital Appointments made during your booking/stay dates with us.

One or more members of your party decide to cancel their holiday without just cause.

Conditions of Booking:

When it does come to your stay, make sure your Tier Restrictions allows you to travel on holiday.

UK Vaccination Passport/Certification – Although this is still under Review by the Government at this time and things may change by time you come to stay with us, we are currently asking all guests – when you have received at least one (and waited 3 weeks before you travel) or your two full vaccinations to send a photo or copy of your vaccination certification card as proof.

This can be sent when you are returning your booking form or at a later date if you haven’t had your two doses at the time of your booking but we have been advised to have it before your stay. 

We recommend you should bring this with you, as you may be required to show this when attending any attractions/restaurants or your travel on ferry/trains.

As Owners, we reserve the right to refuse bookings to those guests who have not had or refused to have the vaccinations, for the safety of our own health and those guests who are staying with us.

No Vaccinations = No Holiday

Holiday Insurance:

In the unlikely event that any guest/s become ill with symptoms of Covid and are required to occupy their room for Isolation, they will be charged the full Adult Rate cost (including Meals) for the length of time of their confinement and any additional cleaning required and any reallocation costs of other bookings that follow on from yours.

Payment of which will be in advancement from Day 1 for your set period of isolation (currently 10 days)

All guests should ensure that they have appropriate Holiday Insurance which covers Covid.  This will be required should you need to cancel and reclaim the loss of your holiday money or to cover the costs in the unlikely event as above.

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