COVID INFORMATION SHEET TO JULY/AUGUST 2023
Dear Guests,

In keeping with the Government and Tourism regulations and procedures we have implemented the following changes for
your safety and those of your fellow guests:

Arrivals will be staggered from 3:00pm last check in 7:00pm. We can no longer accept guests who arrive prior to this time.
We can only check in one room at a time and ask guests for their cooperation and patience with multiple arrivals, you may
remain in your car or sit in the lounge whilst still maintaining a safe distance. Late Check In fees applies after 7pm.
Please use the Sanitiser supplied before you touch the door/bell or knocker and on return from your daily activities.
On entry, please use your protective masks (at your discretion) until you are safety checked into your room.
Kindly remove any outside shoes/boots to avoid bringing germs & dirt inside.

Check out time is 10:00am, if you require an early check out, please advise us beforehand, so that we can arrange this in a
safe manner with limited contact to other guests. Please bring your keys down with you.

Breakfast Service:
Please always wash your hands before leaving your room and use the sanitiser in the hallway before entering the dining
This will be held in the dining room; we will be running 2 sessions (depending on the total amount of bookings during your
stay) and have one entry point and one exit point (if busy) to maintain a safe social distancing between guests and
We kindly ask all guests to adhere to their nominated breakfast time that we will allocate you;
Session one will be 08:00 – 08:55 Session two will be 09:00 – 09:55
As with our normal pre ordered breakfast system, we have also added your choice of juice and or fruit (extra charge),
which we will place on your table prior to your entry. Preserves, Yoghurts & Breakfast Cereals will remain in individual
sachets/containers/boxes for you to take one of your choices upon entry. Tea & Coffee and Toast will be served to your
table as normal.

Bar Lounge:
Currently the bar is closed, however you may use the lounge at your own discretion. The dry lounge on the first floor will
be open to limited number of guests. Please be mindful and considerate to your fellow guests.
As this is the area for which smokers can use, again please be considerate to other guests who may wish to use this and
keep a safe distance. Please use the gate to enter and do not walk through the lounge/dining room.

To maintain safety for both guests and staff, there will be some ongoing restrictions on housekeeping.
Your rooms are aired and fully sanitised prior to your arrival, thereafter to reduce physical contact once you have checked
in, we ask that you straighten your beds for us, surfaces/shelves will be cleaned where accessible to avoid touching guests’
personal belongings they will not be moved in order to do so.
However, we will check over your bathroom & toilet facilities, change towels & hoover half way through your stay and also
replenish any beverage items & cups as required on a daily basis.
Guests are asked to open windows in bedrooms & bathrooms & leave bathroom doors open for ventilation after use.
If at anytime during your stay with us, you begin to feel unwell and show signs of the virus: please remain in your room and
call us, so that we can take the necessary action.

Please take notice of the signage that is in place for your own safety.

If we can do anything else to make your stay safe with us, just ask?

Contacting us on: 01983 862333

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